Thursday, August 30, 2018

Keepsakes We Love to Keep


"What's a VHS?"

20th Century commercial Muffin-Pan!

"These candles were used by my father" she began. "And, for some reason, they remind me of his hands," she continued. "I still 'see him' lighting the candles!" she said with a smile.

Art & rare books, Ready to be collected by you!

Remember "The Brothers Grimm"?

Antiques help us connect with our loved ones who have gone-on to the beyond!

Grand Piano ~ manufactured by "Lyons & Henley", This is the actual piano played in the Academy Award-Winning Taylor Hackford 2004 film, "Ray," starring Jamie Foxx & Kerry Washington!

Tuxton (R) Fine China   
Gumbo serving bowls!

20th Century Gossip Table!

Emerald-cut Stones all around this Thumb-Ring from the 1940's!

Pearl Clasp-Earrings from the 1950's!

7 inches of Pearl Bracelet beauty!

  Grey & White strings of Pearls!

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